Development Process

Every customer's product is developed as a separate project. A project development team is created for each project.

Software development process has the following phases:
Software Requirements Analysis

Collection and analysis of customer software requirements.
Data domain analysis.
Preparation of software development suggestions.
Development and negotiation over functionality and GUI requirements.


Design and approval of user interface.
Development of test documentation.
Project risks analysis.
Software development planning (evaluation of required resources, milestones, and release dates).
Definition and approval of software availability criteria.
Project budget estimation.

Development (Project Solutions Implementation)

Alpha version.
Intermediate software versions.
Beta version.
Final release.


The customer accepts the product on the date stipulated in the contract. The defects detected during acceptance are to be eliminated in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions.


Introductory usage.
Integration with the software used by the customer.

The development process or its part can be changed upon customer's request or due project's specifics.

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